A memorial mural in Cincinnati shaped in love

Love. Courage. Gratitude. Joy:fully Lutheran.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in the Over-the-Rhein neighborhood of Cincinnati feeds the hungry. Pastor John Suguitan nourishes souls with Scripture and gets to dispense the Means of Grace. The love of Christ overflows from this congregation into the community through a local organization dedicated to addressing the homeless situation.

Prince of Peace works with Welcome Home Collaborative to help transition struggling people from “homelessness to successfulness.” Rachel Ziegler is an artist from Omaha. She’s talented in tile art and loves symmetry in her work. Hot off the heels from a project in Nebraska, Ziegler partnered with Suguitan to create a mosaic on the side of the residential transitional home, Victoria’s House of Hope.

16 year-old Victoria Stoltz died from brain cancer. In her last year of life, she volunteered at Prince of Peace. She served the poor at the church’s Bridge Ministry. And before she died, she gave a Make-A-Wish donation to restore a transitional home. Welcome home honored the gift with the building’s mural.

Ziegler hosted workshops where visitors and church members worked together in fellowship to form the art. It was a joyfully collaborative effort. Over the course of a month, the mural was affixed to the wall.

Reflecting the beauty given by our gracious Creator, this mural was shaped in love. Love flows first from God, then to all people through His Church.

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