I will sing praise to my God

More than 16,000 worship services.  Over 61 years. All at St. John’s Lutheran Church and School in Racine, Wis.

Arthur Preuss has and continues to direct adult and children’s choirs, work with instrumentalists, and accompany congregational worship.

All with joy and a grateful heart to serve His Savior and the people of St. John’s.

Preuss graduated from both high school and college from Concordia River Forest, and, after earning his master’s in music from Northwestern University, has served the church as a musician and teacher, alongside his wife Grace.

As Luther observed, music and theology go hand in hand.

“When they designed the organ, I knew I’d be here a long time,” said Preuss as he looked back on his 61 years at St. John’s. Considering his life as a member of the LCMS and all those who taught Him the truth of God’s love in Christ, he’s thankful.

Music. Theology. A blessed saint leading God’s holy people to receive His gifts in worship. And the generations of children and adults blessed to sing and play under his direction rejoice with him. Arthur Preuss’s service continues his family’s work in the church. His grandfather was a Lutheran pastor and his father served as a Lutheran teacher. As Arthur teaches and leads new generations to sing a song unto the Lord, the work of the Kingdom continues. .


  • K Patzman says:

    Art Preuss came to St Johns when I was in 7th grade there. Now in my seventies and still a member I’ve loved the music at this place all of my life. Thank you Art and Grace for a lifetime of thanks and praise.

  • Barbara Fogarty says:

    Mr. Preuss was my teacher and choir director. I sang in his children’s choir and presently sing in his Senior Choir. I have so much love and respect for Mr. Preuss. He shares his love of music and God with all members of our wonderful congregation. May he serve many more years!

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