I’ll see you back on Sunday

The sun’s ascent illuminates Faith Lutheran Church in beautiful York, Nebraska. Walk in Sunday and hear the stirring sounds of the pipe organ as Deb Stuhr practices before worship. Pastor Heath Trampe prepares to preach the Word of God to whoever God draws to His house this day.

Come visit. God is here for you. Coffee is brewing for fellowship. The church body loves visitors. You’re not going to get singled out or put on the spot. Rick and Denise will shake your hand on your way into the narthex. Be certain, you’ll be greeted.

Today you might sit next to Tim and Jeni Dibbern. Move up a few pews and you’ll find Ron and Cheri Luebbe. There’s also Harold and Betty Renken, and Kevin Stuhr, seated while his wife plays the organ in the balcony. There are parents with children. Some children might make more noise than others. It’s ok, the congregation is happy the children are in worship. They’ll stick around for Sunday school afterward.

“I’m joyfully Lutheran because I know that God has called me to this congregation, at this time, to share life with the people of York,” said Trampe. “As I proclaim Christ, make personal connections, and build a life among the people God has sent me to serve, I more deeply recognize the purpose for all of the joy, and suffering, and learning that has occurred in my life to this point. Truly, I am growing every bit as much as the dear people I serve!”

Trampe joyfully gives the Sacrament. The people joyfully receive it. “Faith Lutheran Church is joyfully Lutheran because we recognize God’s gifts, present for us, in our local congregation,” said Trampe. “As we gather, we receive His precious Sacraments and the promises of Scripture.

As we gather, we form deep, resonant relationships that are becoming all too rare in our increasingly digital culture. We are a family of believers, with Christ at the center. And when we come together – Sunday through Saturday – we experience a small piece of eternity in the midst of this earthly life.”


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