Serving one another at Family of God in Detroit

In a room full of tables set for whomever might arrive, sat a rocking chair.

The  room was defined by its chief purpose — to feed the hungry. Family of God in inner-city Detroit uses its building to serve the neighborhood around them.

Meals are provided for free to any and all who come. In a room full of people who came, the Rev. Jim Hill, pastor of Family of God, sat with an infant in his arms.

The rocking chair’s purpose was clear.

With this small child in his arms, Pastor Hill smiles in the middle of the chaos. He rocked the infant to sleep, while people came to greet him. All of life’s problems were present in the room, but the chaos was hushed before the hope of life.

After the food was served, Family of God gathered to worship in their new sanctuary. The community came. The congregations who support this ministry came. The people who helped rehab the room came. The sanctuary was dedicated in service to God and the proclamation of His Word.

“Here we serve one another because Christ served us,” proclaimed Pastor Hill during his sermon. “No matter where we are, or where we’ve been … we are all desperately in need of the same salvation.”


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