The perfect gifts of God in this idyllic Americana

You can almost smell the homemade apple pie when you arrive in Algona, Iowa. The town draws us back to the days of old, when all families had perfect children and white picket fences.  Your children can wander safely anywhere on their bicycles. But, Algona is so much more. It’s not a sleepy little town. Drawn to its shopping, schools and medical facilities, people come from neighboring farms and communities to this vibrant hub. There’s a sense of pride in Algona.

And there, in town is Trinity Lutheran Church, where they just celebrated the Rev. Henry Friedrich’s 65th ordination anniversary, baptized an adult, and confirmed nine new members. Thanks be to God! Like the town, Trinity welcomes people in and sends them back out.

“People are drawn into Trinity where they are able to receive God’s gifts and then they return to their homes and communities where they live, serve, and reflect God’s love,” said Senior Pastor Tom Schlund.

The congregation at Trinity gathers each Sunday not because of the perfection of the setting, but to receive the perfect gifts of God in Christ. Forgiveness for sins. Life in the Sacraments. All given to the people in this idyllic setting. Just as it has always been.

Nostalgia may require revision of history. But the solid foundation of Trinity remains on the eternal Son of God, who calls sinners to repentance and grants them eternal life. And that brings joy in this American small town.




    Love the article and the pix. This is where my children grew up and confirmed. After they graduated we moved to Des Moines, but Trinity has always been our home church. The people are so warm and willing to show their love of God in all that they do. Thanks for such a great article and pictures.

  • Becky says:

    A very inviting story, makes one want to come and join in.

  • Allen Hellwege says:

    Such a wonderfully, simple story of God’s amazing grace and love! What a privilege to have served for 50 plus years in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod – 15 of those years at Zion Lutheran Church in Atlantic, IA.

  • Ed and Cheryl Kaufenberg says:

    JOY:FULLY LUTHERAN — It’s wonderful to see the love of God at work through Trinity in Algona with Pastor Tom Schlund. May our dear Lord and Savior continue to bless his ministry among all of you who worship here.

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