Your Turn

We are joyfully Lutheran! Jesus has done it all. His life, death and resurrection have reconciled us to God. And the Father’s gift of His Son means all good things come from Him. The Holy Spirit calls us through the Gospel and enlightens us with His gifts. All from God, all given to us in His Word and Sacraments. This is fully Lutheran. This is joy. This is joyfully Lutheran!


The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod 2019 convention theme is “Joy:fully Lutheran.” We want to hear how this joy is reflected in your life. Post your story on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #JoyfullyLutheran and then tag the LCMS (@TheLCMS on all platforms).


Share a picture with your “Joy:fully Lutheran” story, or post a quick video telling your story. Whatever you do, don’t forget the hashtag: #JoyfullyLutheran. And if your story is a public post, we might share it on the LCMS social media channels!

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Let’s share with the world what it means to be joyfully Lutheran.

Let’s tell the world about the love of God in Christ Jesus.